We are a diverse group of Galewood neighborhood residents, families and businesses working toward the betterment of our community, parks, schools and businesses for our overall quality of life.

We work to achieve this by:

  • Engaging all residents and businesses to preserve and advance a clean, safe and thriving community for all to live, work and play.
  • Promoting community through the organizing and participating in neighborhood events, volunteer efforts and other community gatherings.
  • Creating a collective voice for Chicago's Galewood Community that works alongside residents, businesses, local schools and city departments to foster agency.

Board of Directors

Steve Green, Chairperson

Chairperson for Galewood Neighbors, Inc. Consummate community organizer and local activist. Former member of Alderman's Galewood Economic Development Committee. UW Badger alumnus. 11 year Galewood resident and local residential & commercial realtor. 

Tom Drebenstedt, Treasurer

22-year Galewoodian in a bungalow.  Retired from construction management. Rebooted the Rutherford Sayre Park Advisory Council, co-steward of the Rutherford Sayre Park Natural Area, officer of the Garden Club of Galewood Montclare, created many tours/programs for Chicago Architecture Center including Bungalow Belt, Louis Sullivan, Pilsen, Humboldt Park, the 606, Galewood, and Austin. Member of teams evaluating North Avenue and Mars.

Michael Woods, Asst. Treasurer

Long running career as a public servant (Chief Operations Professional).  Lived in Galewood for over 25 years. Enjoys volunteering and being of service as giving back is extremely important to him.  Empathy, respect, courtesy, kindness and understanding are mantras he strives to live by. Everyday of existence is a teachable moment.  Loves traveling, always immersing himself into the culture where he travels whether overseas or here in the USA.

John Boratto

Former construction professional, now stay at home dad to four amazing kids. Galewood resident for 8 years.  Enjoys landscaping and vegetable gardening.  Hobbies include keeping fresh water fish and playing disc golf.

Wanda Gilmer

Wife and Mother. Executive professional in the retirement industry and entrepreneur in the catering industry. Has a passion to assist those suffering from food insecurity. Adheres to core values of family, love, integrity, quality, and service.

Sarah Cunningham

Illinois native. Moved to Galewood 8 years ago from Cincinnati with her husband Jim and Siberian Husky Lola. Worked for Medline Industries for 24 years in Operations, Sales and Human Resources. Avid runner, cyclist and swimmer. Plays the bass flute in the St Paul Melrose Park Flute Choir. 

Beth Ranucci, Vice Chairperson

Mom of two, wife, lawyer, and law firm manager. Promoter of all things Galewood including Sayre Language Academy and Galewoodstock.  Loves traveling, languages, trees, animals, native gardening, and being part of a team that makes things happen. 

Kisha Buford, Asst. Secretary

Born and raised on the west side of Chicago, Tikisha always desired to live in Galewood.  By profession, she is an executive at a Fortune 500 insurance company. By passion, she serves her community joyfully by volunteering with several organizations.  As a current resident of Galewood, she enjoys meeting neighbors and spending time with her family and friends. 

Charlie Byrne

A 35-year Galewood resident. Married to Nancy. Retired, former sales professional and high school teacher/coach. "Traveling makes returning to Galewood all the better."

Mia Bonds

Native Chicagoan, and product of Chicago Public Schools, Mia has a passion for relationship-building and community outreach. Not particularly one who likes the spotlight, she enjoys the logistical side of most things. Mia is in the second year of a Master of Public Health program and is transitioning from sales to Public Health. Mia is a Kidlist Contributor and mom of one. She enjoys sports, reading, and blogging.

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